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Cake Photos

Cake Photos is the one place you can find photos of all kinds of cakes, from wedding, birthday and celebration cake pictures to exotic designs, corporate and cakes for celebrities.

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Designer birthday cakes shaped like bags and shoes

Designer Birthday Cakes

When traditional birthday cakes just aren't enough for the modern diva, how about a designer birthday cake that is truly unique to her tastes. This cake is shaped like a bag and pair of shoes, that is perfect for women of all ages. Very popular as teen birthday cakes and birthday cakes for girls, this birthday cake has all the details, such as sugar model lip stick, eye liner and nail varnish etc. The cake featured was made specially for a womans 40th birthday who loved the latest fashion. This designer birthday cake fully satisfies that requirement.

Every bit of the birthday cake was hand made, including the delicate little sugar stilettos and the small black flower decorations that cover the cake shaped like a bag as shown in the picture. The entire birthday cake is set upon a thin layer of white royal icing and cake board.

Cake Photos is much more than a database full of cake pictures, it also lists detailed information about the listed cakes. In addition to the cake information, cake decorator and manufacturer information is also provided with each cake.

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modern same sex wedding cake with ribbons

Contemporary Wedding Cake

This very unique wedding cake is perfect for same sex weddings (gay and lesbian) or for the couple that just wants something completely different to a traditional style wedding cake. Four tiers of delicious chocolate cake covered with pink royal icing and dotted with small pink circle shapes. The base of each tier is then lined with dark Belgian chocolate panel shapes and finalised with pink ribbon. The top tier is decorated with pink, black tipped feathers.

Cake Images

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Cakes shaped like airplane

Airplane Cake Photos

Airplane cakes are for those who fly for a living or love to fly! Cake pictures of birthday cakes where the cake shaped like an airplane or the theme of the cake is mainly to do with airplanes.

animal cakes made from cake

Animal Cake Photos

Animal cakes can be an entire cake that is shaped like an animal or a cake the features animal models. Popular with kids for birthday cakes. Animal cakes are for pet lovers or people who work with animals.

special anniversary cakes

Anniversary Cake Photos

You can't celebrate years of marriage without a delicious and beautiful anniversary cake. Traditional anniversary cakes are decorated with flowers and are of the classical tiered design, with royal icing.

Army themed cake photos

Army Cake Photos

Army cakes make fun and delicious treats for children's birthdays. Nothing beats celebrating your birthday with a cake shaped like a tank! Celebrating birthdays for armed forces personnel.

Religeous baptism cakes

Baptism Cake Photos

Christening cakes and baptism cakes are a great way to celebrate a new born babies arrival into the world, a childs passage or just to celebrate washing away those sins!

Birthday cakes, photos of kids cakes

Birthday Cake Photos

Children's and adults birthday cake pictures. Birthday cakes shaped to represent a hobby or favorite character. Birthday cakes shaped like dinosaurs or football, as well as numbered birthday cakes.

Photos of bike cakes

Bike Cake Photos

Cool birthday cakes shaped like mopeds and motorcycles. Cakes for teens and adult motorbike owners, as a birthday cake or celebration cake. Handmade bike cake details that are very intricate.

Boat shaped cake photos

Boat Cake Photos

Boat and vessel cakes are popular for launches and as birthday cakes. The perfect match for celebrating a boat owner or fanatics birthday. Cakes shaped like boats.

Building cakes, contruction type cakes

Building Cake Photos

Huge cakes of highly detailed buildings such as houses and castles. Cakes shaped like castle are very popular for weddings and extravagant birthdays.

Car shape cakes of automobiles

Car Cake Photos

Automotive cakes are popular as celebration cakes. They of course include birthdays for car lovers and racing cars for kids birthdays. Popular for car manufacturer birthday party.

Cartoon character cakes, shaped like your favorite disney.

Cartoon Cake Photos

Cartoon cakes are often cakes that are shaped like a childrens favorite TV or fictional character. Cartoon shaped cakes can also be a plain cake featuring cartoon models.

Cake toppers are great as finishing touches to a cake

Cake Topper Photos

For a unique finishing touch or just as a gift, cake toppers are often highly detailed, handmade sugar or clay models that can be placed ontop of any birthday or wedding cake.

Childrens birthday cakes

Childrens Cake Photos

Birthday cakes that have been specially made just for childrens celebration events. This can include childrens birthdays, christenings and other partys.

Chinese wedding cakes and birthdays

Chinese Cake Photos

Oriental cake designs and photos of asian wedding cakes and birthday cakes. Chinese cakes are often colorfully decorated and feature animals such as dragons.

Christening cakes for boys and girls

Christening Cake Photos

Why not celebrate a new borns arrival with a beautifully decorated christening cake. Christening cakes for boys and girls, decorated with blues or pinks.

Dark White chocolate cakes for weddings

Chocolate Cake Photos

Delicious chocolate cakes made with Belgian, white and dark chocolate. Deluxe chocolate wedding cakes and extravegant chocolate birthday cakes.

Corporate and business birthday cakes

Corporate Cake Photos

Celebrate your company or businesses birthday or anniversary with a first class corporate birthday cake. Shaped like the company logo or product.

Civil communion cake photos

Communion Cake Photos

Commemorate your cival partnership or union. Cakes for gay and lesbian couples or those who do not want a traditional wedding cake or event.

French pastry cake photos

Croquembouche Cake Photos

French pastries known in France as Croquembouche are a series of minicake bread roles stacked to form a pyrimid shaped cake tower.

Modern designer and gothic cakes

Designer Cake Photos

A cake photo gallery of fantasic contemporary cake designs, including gothic wedding cakes and deluxe decorations. Often airbrushed with feathers.

Engagement cakes for couples

Engagement Cake Photos

Photos of engagement cakes, cakes to celebrate your confirmation of marriage. Often these small cakes are preludes to the main wedding cake.

Farm cake photos of funny animals

Farm Cake Photos

Farm themed cakes that can be shaped like a pig, cow and many more farm animals. Perfect for young childrens birthdays and farmers.

Festive and seasonal cakes

Festive Cake Photos

Photos of seasonal and holiday cakes to celebrate occasions such as Easter, Christmas and holloween. Lavishly decorated festive cake photos.

Floral cakes and photos of sugar flowers

Flower Cake Photos

Sugar flowers are a popular decoration. Entire cake designs can be based on a sugar flower arrangment, handmade from sugar or clay.

Funny and humorous cakes

Funny Cake Photos

Humorous photos of funny cakes for a variety of events. These include funny childrens birthday cakes, cakes for the boss and collegues.

Good luck cakes such as immigration

Lucky Cake Photos

Cakes baked to help bring good luck to people. Traveling cakes, immigration cakes or moving house cakes, all are decorated to represent the occasion.

Iced wedding cakes with royal icing

Iced Cake Photos

The majority of wedding cakes and birthday cakes are decorated with different types of icing. The most luxury being white royal icing.

Minicakes like cupcakes and favors

Minicake Photos

Photos of small cakes that are often baked in great number to serve as yummy gifts at childrens birthdays or arranged on tiers for weddings.

Contemporary birthday and wedding cakes

Modern Cake Photos

Unique and modern cake designs for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. These cakes are often decorated with modern materials.

Novelty cakes that are serious and funny

Novelty Cake Photos

Ever popular novelty cakes can be made in the shape of a person, pet, hobby or occupation. Funny novelty cakes of friends and staff.

Bespoke themed cakes for birthdays and weddings

Themed Cake Photos

Photos of cakes more focused on a more serious theme, either fantasy or realistic such as medieval cakes with dragons and legends.

Train and locomotive shaped cakes

Train Cake Photos

Locomotive cakes are popular with children and the older generation. Train cakes are great for anyone who loves or works with trains.

Cute pet and animal cakes

Pet Cake Photos

Always popular are cakes shaped like pets, many of your favorite pets can be made from cake, such as cakes shaped like dogs or cats.

Circular and round cakes

Round Cake Photos

Photos of cakes that are either round or mostly circular, including round bases and tiers. Suitable for both birthdays and weddings.

Sexy and naughty cakes of the boss or friends

Sexy Cake Photos

Funny and naughty cake gallery of cake shaped like dick, cakes shaped like boobs and bedroom fantasys and corsets.

Rectangular and straight cakes

Square Cake Photos

Square cake photo gallery, a popular construction method for creating any cake such as wedding cakes or birthday cakes.

Sugar modeled and handmade cakes

Sugar Cake Photos

Sweet cakes that are made from mostly sugar or are decorated with numerous sugary elements like commercial sweets.

Sugar modeled and handmade cakes

Traditional Cake Photos

Elegant cakes that have been either baked or decorated in a traditional fashion. Traditional cakes can be seen in this cake gallery.

Cakes shaped like vehicles such as cars

Vehicle Cake Photos

Popular with men and children, vehicle cakes can be cakes shaped like cars, motorbikes, airplanes and tractors for kids birthdays.

All forms of wedding cakes, traditional and modern

Wedding Cake Photos

The biggest wedding cake picture gallery, packed with many wedding cakes such as designer wedding cakes, modern and traditional.