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mouse bear cat furry mice

Big White Dog Cake

A giant cake shaped like a white dog.

cute dog bear bear cakes

Groom Bear Model

A groom cake in the shape of a bear, dressed in wedding attire.

photo animal cat dog cake

Joint Baby Shower Cake

Two blue bears sitting on a cake as a joint birth of two baby boys.

photo mice cake photo

Monkey Cake

Funny monkey cake decorated appropriatly with bananas.

mice bear photos cat bear

Sleeping Dragon

A cake shaped like a yellow sleeping dragon guarding its hoard.

mouse cakes animal cuddly mice cat cuddly

Teddy Cake

Animal themed cake with a fluffy bear friend sitting on top of a circular cake.

zoo animal cute cat dog bear

Wombles Cake

Cake in the shape of the famous womble ant eaters.

zoo cake cakes cute bear photo mouse

Green Dragon Cake

Curled up dragon cake for boys party.

cakes animal photo bear cute cake cuddly

Girls Toy Bear

Cute toy bear with patches for a girls baby shower.

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