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Cow Cake

Animal theme cake in the shape of a cake, great for children or farmers birthdays.

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Blood House Dogs

Cake with two handmade bllog hound dog models.

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Christening Bear Cake

Small blue bear christening cake for babys special day.

safari mouse bear dog cuddly mice

White Bear Christening Cake

Another animal themed christening cake with a white teddy bear.

zoo bear cute dog cat

Sleeping Dog & Cat Cake

Cute pet cake of a sleeping german shepard and cat.

photos cute bear safari photos mouse

Mixed Animal Basket Cake

Childs animal birthday cake with a basket full of various animals such as a dog, cat and snake.

zoo dog zoo animal

Teddy Bear Wedding

Cute animal cake depicting the wedding couple as bears.

cat mice mouse bear mouse cake

Baby & Bears

Cake of baby and cute teddy bears climbing on a bed, animal themed christening cake.

cake bear dog dog bear cake

Giant Ladybird Cake

Huge insect cake in the form of a giant ladybird for a childs birthday.

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