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Frog Prince

Fairy tale animal theme cake, frog prince for childrens birthday cake.

cute bear cuddly safari cake bear

Pink Bear Cake

Three tier animal cake for girls birthday, cake top model is a pink bear.

animal furry cake animal cakes dog

Fantasy Dragon Cake

Huge celebration cake with large red dragon and medieval soldier.

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Rabbit Cake

Rabbit theme cake for children's birthday party.

cute dog animal cakes cat

Whinnie the Poo

A Whinnie the Poo bear cake for baby's first birthday.

cat bear mice furry photo

Sleeping Spaniel Cake

Giant pet model of a sleeping spaniel. Great cake for dog fans.

furry cakes photo photos photo bear

Twin Birthday Cake

A joint christening or birthday cake featuring two pink girl teddy bears.

furry dog mice bear

Cow Cake

Celebration cow cake with a cow model ontop of the cow coloured cake. A great cake for farmers.

safari cat bear dog animal mouse

Cow & Bull Cake

Long haired bull (groom) being sheared by a cow (bride). Funny animal theme cake for farmers.

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