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Dora the Explorer Cake

Children's Dora the Explorer TV show cake, Dora is accompanied by her animal friends.

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Farmer & Dog

Cake figures of a farmer and his pet dog.

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Stylish Birthday Cake

A contemporary animal theme cake, with a cake top model of a teddy bear.

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Baby's Animal Cake

Animal themed christening cake for a baby's first birthday or christening.

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Tom & Jerry Cake

Child's birthday cake featuring the famous cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry.

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Giant Duck Cake

A cake in the style of a giant duck on top of a cake base.

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Giant Lizard Cake

Children's animal cake in the shape of a huge lizard. 4th Birthday cake for a boy.

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Triceratops Cake

Extinct animal cake of a triceratops dinosaur cake. Highly detailed birthday cake for a boy.

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Lady Bear Cake

Bridesmaid animal cake of a girl bear holding sugar flowers.

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