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This gallery holds many beautiful cake photos of baptism and other religious celebration cakes. Traditionally baptisms were not celebrated with a cake, but that is changing as more people wish to bring fun to their baptism ceremonies with a delicious baptism cake!

The majority of baptism cakes are for children as the majority of people get baptised at a young age, so a unique baptism cake adds something extra to their special day. Cake photos also include pictures of cakes for adult baptisms and joint baptisms.

blessing religeous cakes religeous photos

Blue Bag & Shoe Cake

Photo of a cake for a mature baptism, detailed bag and womans shoe.

cake christian photos photo photo religeous

Minicup Cake Photo

Several small and delicious baptism cup cakes for babys christening.

christian cake cake cakes photo

Giant Babys Rattle Cake

Baptism cake in the shape of a baby's rattle, for little boys baptism.

christian cake blessing cakes christian cakes religeous photo

Tiered Baptism Cake

Christening cake with four tiers, unique design.

blessing baptism religeous blessing

Motorbike Helmet Cake

Cake in the shape of a motorbike helmet for mans baptism.

religeous photo cake baptism

Joint Baptism Cake

Mini cakes for a double baptism celebration.

photo cake christian religeous photo christian

Baptism Cartoon Cake

Cake in the style of winnie the pooh and friends taking a dip, representing baptism.

baptism religeous photos blessing

Giant Duck Cake

Photo of a cake shaped like a large yellow duck for a childs baptism party.

religeous cakes blessing christian photos

Stacked Baptism Cake

Tall white cake for a variety of celebration events, such as baptisms and weddings.

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