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house cake structure cake

Vikers House Cake

Very detailed house or church suitably decorated with trees and walls.

architecture cakes castle architecture

White Castle & Van

White plain castle with a camper van parked nearby.

photos castle architecture architecture house cake

Disney Castle Cake

Childrens disney castle cake featuring micky and minni mouse.

architecture building cake structure architecture church

Manor House Cake Photo

Large cake in the shape of an extravegant manor house, a small yellow car is parked nearby.

photos castle photo cake estate photo architecture

Eiffel Tower Cake Photo

White cake bases support by small Eiffel towers. A larger eiffel tower sits on the top tier.

house building photos house

Giant Eiffel Tower Cake

Huge cake modeled like the Eiffel Tower.

castle church cakes church estate photo structure

Medievel Dragon Cake

Medievel themed building and cake with dragon and man figures.

church architecture cakes castle cake cakes architecture

Gothic Cake Photo

Modern cake in a Gothic style including a graveyard and hard rock bands photos.

castle estate cake photos church house

Two French Forts Photo

Two seperate cakes in the shape of French forts. They are made to mirror each other.

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