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French Castle Photo

Contemporary cake but old fashion building, great attention to detail.

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Fort Building Cake

A wedding cake in the shape of a fort that is resting on top of two plain tiers for a couples wedding.

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Leaning Tower Cake Photo

Well constructed cake in the form of the Italian leaning tower, two photographs capture the amazing detail.

church building architecture cake

Myth Cake

Detailed photo of the children's story Hansle and Grettle house.

castle cakes church construction estate

Large Mansion Cake

Big cake in the shape of a mansion for couples wedding, highly detailed windows and architecture.

building photo castle cake

Roses & Fort Cake

Another photo of the fort on a hill, detailing the floral arrangement of roses that surround it.

house photo estate church structure castle

Dragon Cake Photo

Full photograph of the medieval dragon and castle cake featuring the sword that was used to cut it.

building castle cakes photo house photo cake

Pyramid Cake Photo

Photo of a cake shaped like a ancient Egyptian pyramid.

building castle castle cake

Empire State Building Cake

Huge building cake in the shape of the Empire State building found in USA.

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