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Green House Cake

Gardening fanatics birthday cake, in the shape of a green house.

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Monster Castle Cake

A red monster made from sugar sitting on a castle.

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Cutting Castle Cake Photo

Photo of the bride and groom cutting their castle shaped cake.

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Floral Detail Photo

A close up photo of the detail on the base of a castle cake, showing the floral arrangement.

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White Eiffel Cake Photo

Cake construction of the Eiffel tower, made from white royal icing.

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Pink Fantasy Castle Cake

Bespoke building cake in the shape of a French castle, decorated with ribbon and flags.

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Manor House Wedding Cake

A Manor house made from cake with icing and sugar models of the bride and groom standing outside.

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Vampire Coffin Cake

Photo of the details on a vampire castle gothic cake, featuring miniature graves and coffins.

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Stacked City Cake Photo

Dim lit photo of a city cake to create the impression of sunset on the city.

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