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Gardening Cake Photo

Birthday cake for a gardener, the cake is shaped and decorated like a green house.

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Dragon Siege Castle Cake

Detailed cake of black dragons attacking a white castle.

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Evil Twisted Castle Cake

Modern gothic cake or for teens birthday, twisted spires and wierd color make this cake very evil.

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Cliff Top Mansion Cake

Designer cake featuring a nicely decorated mansion.

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White Estate Cake

Plain coloured building cake, very detailed structure featuring windows and doors.

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Shrine Cake Photo

Religious wedding cake for bride and groom. Building is a small shrine or temple.

estate construction cakes building structure

Modern Church Cake

A contemporary church building made from cake and royal icing.

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Old Fort Photo

Photo of the old fort than inspired the creation of the white fortress cake.

estate construction house building photo house

Medieval Church Cake

A large old fashioned tradition church made from cake and white royal icing.

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