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Piled Houses Cake

A colossal cake shaped like many houses on top of one another, like an ancient atlantic city.

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Scottish Theme Cake

Gaelic theme cake in the shape of a small house with a cannon. Bride and groom handmade models sit nearby.

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White Building Cake

A white fortress sitting on top of two plain royal icing tiers decorated with red flowers and ivy.

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Magic Fantasy Cake

Witches purple tower cake, detail photo of the black and white cat sitting in the doorway.

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Mansion Estate Cake

Huge estate cake featuring numerous rooms and houses.

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House Wedding Cake

Pink house with sugar models of the bride and groom standing outside.

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Water Castle Cake

Castle sitting on water with sugar modeled ivy climbing up the spires.

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Religious House Photo

Cake modeled like a Vickers house, outside is modeled in great detail featuring trees and flowers.

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Wedding Castle Cake

Beautiful refined castle cake with bride and groom caricatures sitting in front of the entrance.

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