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house building castle church structure house

Church Spire Cake

Tall wedding cake shaped like a church bell tower with bride and groom figures.

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Rescue Me Wedding Cake

Bride sugar model on top of a castle with groom below.

photos church house construction estate

Ivy Castle Cake Photo

Round castle wedding cake with bride and groom handmade sugar figures.

house church estate castle building

Sweety House Cake

Delicious looking house made from sweeties but really its made from cake and icing.

estate building cake church

Urban Tower Cake

Detailed tower cake made from cake and royal icing.

cakes architecture photos castle architecture cakes

Fairy Castle

Round castle based on a fantasy and fairytale theme cake.

architecture castle structure church building photos structure

Hill Fortress Cake

Square fortress cake for a alternative wedding cake or luxury birthday cake.

cake photo church structure house castle

Beach Castle

A pink castle cake for a girls birthday party. Castle is made from pink icing sitting on a beach.

photo cake castle cakes castle building photo

Pink Fairy Castle

A stunning pink birthday cake shaped like a castle, great for a girls birthday party.

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