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clay sugar topper figurine model cake figurine clay

Children's Clay Figure

A girl model made from clay.

sugar cake tops clay photo tops

Holiday Wedding Cake Topper

Cake topper of the bride and groom relaxing by the beach.

topper handmade clay photo

Wedding Car Cake Top

Cute cake topper of the bride and groom driving their wedding car.

cake photos photo clay photo

Clay Figures

Clay wedding figurines as the topping to a cake.

cake cakes tops clay photos

Happily Married Cake Top

Simplistic clay cake top shaped like the bride and groom in their car.

tops topper model topper

Cute Animal Cake Topper

Piglet and donkey cake topper.

handmade topper handmade cake

Cartoon Chicken Cake Topper

Clay representation of two chickens from Wallace and Grommet.

topper cake model clay figurine tops sugar

Cat Cake Topper

Cake topper in the shape of two wedding cats.

topper model sugar model photo clay

Kissing Cake Topper

Clay models of the bride and groom kissing.

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