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Elderly Campers Cake

Anniversary cake for elderly couple, featuring their mobile home and characters relaxing outside.

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Minivan Cake Photo

Blue minivan or hippy van as a celebration cake.

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Delivery Van Cake

Bespoke birthday cake for a delivery drivers birthday. Detailed white van, made from royal icing and hand painted.

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Driving Instructor Cake

Birthday cake for a driving instructor or a learner driver, displays the car and a knocked over dustbin.

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Mitsubishi Car Cake

Birthday cake shaped like a black mitsubishi car, icing is finished off with a coat of high gloss.

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Cartoon Kids Cake

Cartoon car cake for a kids birthday party. Featuring eyes and mouth etc.

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Sports Cartoon Car

Rally car sitting on a black and white checkered base, both made from cake and coloured icing sugar.

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Pink Convertible Car Cake

Cake photo of a pink convertible sports car with married couple inside.

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