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Cartoon Train Cake

Popular kids cartoon in the shape of a Thomas train birthday cake.

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Cartoon Sports Car

Car with eyes and various details for a child's birthday cake.

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Rescuers Down Under Cake

Unique girls birthday cake based on the cartoon movie, Rescuers Down Under.

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Blue Cartoon Cake Photo

Cake in the shape of a blue character from a kids cartoon show.

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Wizard of Oz Cake

Funny cartoon cake representing the characters from the Wizard of Oz.

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Kangeroo Birthday Cake

Child's birthday cake in the form of an icing printed kangeroo on the top of a cake base.

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Dumbo The Elephant Cake

Cake in the shape of a circus tent with cartoon elephant sitting outside.

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Bob the Builder Cake

Joyful child's birthday cake with bob the builder printed on top from icing sugar.

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Batman Cake Photo

Two tier luxury batman birthday cake for boys birthday party.

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