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Chinese cakes, or dangao in chinese pinyin are elegantly decorated in various forms. The most popular, is bright colours such as golds and reds often with a model of an animal that is considered powerful or lucky, such as the dragon. The Chinese save such elaborate cakes for weddings and seldom decorate or buy them for birthdays. Chinese birthday cakes are often small, inexpensive and very sweet tasting.

The less extravagant forms of Chinese cakes are elegantly decorated with natural colours such as greens and browns, often depicting leaves or trees. These Chinese cakes are often for special celebrations other than weddings.

Chinese themed wedding and birthday cakes are becoming increasingly popular in the west, as their unique design and flare appeal to all ages.

chinese red nature flower cake

Chinese Wedding cake

Beautiful Chinese themed wedding cake with Oriental flowers.

dangao china fish cake

Chinese Birthday Cake

An Asian theme birthday cake with lucky gold fish and cake topper.

floral chinese traditional cake

Oriental Birthday Cake

Beautiful oriental theme cake with Asian art style decoration.

red dragon gold chinese theme cake dangao

Oriental Wedding Cake

A Chinese themed wedding cake.