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Melted White Chocolate Cake

A new look wedding cake with the tiers covered with melted chocolate and red sugar roses.

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Bespoke Chocolate Cake

A very modern white with black sugar decorations wedding cake.

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Draped Chocolate Cake

Cool looking white chocolate wedding cake with handmade sugar decorations.

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Dark Chocolate Panels

Mayan style wedding cakes are very popular as alternatives to a classic looking cake.

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Round Cigarilo Cake

A fabulous chocolate wedding cake with rolled white cigarilo shapes and sugar roses.

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Fresh Red Roses

Red roses bring a great look to any cake they are put on.

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Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake

A nicely decorated chocolate cake with white icing, red ribbons and sugar roses.

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Mixed Chocolate Truffle Cake

A lovely chocolate wedding cake made up of chocolate cigarilos, truffles and sugar roses.

photos cadbury luxury delicious truffle photo melted

Extravagant Chocolate Cake

A luxury and huge chocolate wedding cake made from pure white chocolate cigarilos.