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cakes dark delicious chocolate

Couple with Cake

Wedding cake photo featuring the bride and groom standing with their chocolate wedding cake.

cadbury chocolate truffle white photo

Traditional Chocolate Cake

A simple but elegant chocolate cake decorated with sugar flowers and leaves.

belgian photos cadbury melted cadbury

Monster Birthday Cake

A chocolate cake shaped like a type of wart hog for a kids birthday.

truffle chocolate cakes truffle melted dark cadbury

Designer Chocolate Cake

A very cleanly designed wedding or birthday cake made from Belgian white chocolate.

dark melted photo white dark

Chocolate & Roses

Beautiful wedding cake composed of chocolate cigarilos with red roses sandwiched between the tiers.

melted delicious photos chocolate luxury

White Roses Cake

Pure chocolate cake on a golden cake stand with fresh white roses between the tiers.

cakes photos cadbury delicious white truffle

Deluxe Chocolate Cake

A round chocolate cigarilo cake covered with fresh strawberries and topped with roses.

photo cakes white cake

Black & White

Striking wedding cake with brilliant white chocolate and black sugar roses around each tier.

cadbury dark luxury white

Chocolate Cascade

Contemporary chocolate cake made up of white chocolate panels cascading around each tier.