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Pink Christening Cake

Gift box shaped cakes decorated with pink frills and bows for a childs christening.

cake church religeous cakes ceremoney

Girls Christening Cake

Beautiful christening cake for a girls special day, gold text and decoration.

ceremoney church baptism photo cake cakes religeous ceremoney

Babys Christening Cake

A modern christening cake for a baby boy, decorated with sugar toys and cute handmade models.

christening photo church christian ceremoney cakes religeous

Christening Cake

Plain white christening cake decorated with blue sugar paste writing, toys and a cute teddy bear.

photos photo religeous religeous

Funny Rabbit Cake

A cute rabbit made from sugar and icing sits on top of this christening cake for either a boy or girl.

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Designer Christening Cake

A contemporary christening cake for a boy, round cake base with shooting sugar stars.

god christian christening ceremoney god photo

Two Tier Christening Cake

A gorgeous cake decorated with pink ribbon and toy blocks spelling out the name of the girl.

blessing photo photo blessing

Floral Christening Cake

A plain white christening cake with sugar flowers and decorations on top.

photo ceremoney ceremoney god

Toy Giraffe Cake

Cute christening cake as a Giraffe made from cake on top of a plain white base.

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