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Contemporary Christening Cake

A modern looking christening cake decorated with pink circles and sugar models.

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Fair Ride Cake

Cake shaped and decorated to resemble a fair ground round about.

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Hexagon Cake

A uniquely shaped christening cake for a baby boy.

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Three Tier Christening Cake

An extravagant christening cake for a girl, round white tiers with pink ribbon and sugar decor.

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Book Theme Christening Cake

A large book with sugar baby on top of a plain square base.

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Joint Christening Cake

Two stalks carrying two babies made from sugar and icing, decorated with pink bows.

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Double Christening Cake

Christening cake for a boy and girl, blue and pink shoes respectively with sugar writing.

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Mini Christening Cakes

As a modern christening cake or favors for the special celebration.

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Cute Bears on a Bed

A cake featuring three bears playing of a bed, cover is made from sugar icing.

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