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Colorful Kids Cake

A fun cake for a kids birthday or christening, with numerous sugar and colorful models.

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Crescent Moon Cake

A nice christening cake shaped like a moon with yellow icing, sugar model baby sleeping on top.

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Funny Rabbit

A round white cake with a cute white rabbit sitting on top of it.

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Plain Christening Cake

A well decorated christening cake for either a boy or a girl, sides lined with sugar decor.

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Postman Pat Cake

Suitable as either a christening or birthday cake, postman pat and his black and white cat.

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Floral Celebration Cake

Beautifully decorated with handmade sugar flowers, this christening cake was made for an adult.

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Babys Pram Cake

A cake shaped like a babys pram for a girls christening and baby shower.

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Sugar Flowers Cake

A simple christening cake decorated with the photo of flowers made from sugar with text.

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Contemporary Christening Cake

A modern looking cake with hand made flowers from sugar and a babys push chair at the center.

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