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Garden Theme Cake

Christening cake featuring a sleeping baby outside, decor and cot made from sugar.

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Frilly Pillars

A cake for a joint celebrations, two pillars decorated with a white bow and sugar frills.

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Boys Christening Cake

New born boys round christening and baptism cake with a toy bear on the top.

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Christening Cake

A christening cake for a little boy, plain white cake is decorated with blue sugar paste text and items.

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Cute Baby Cake

A cute looking christening cake for a girl or boy with a sugar baby on top of the cake.

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Pile of Cloths

A unique christening cake for a girl, many items of clothing piled on top of each other.

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Sleeping Baby Cake

Photo of a christening cake taken outside, features a baby asleep on the top.

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Christening Cake Photo

Cake photo of a round christening cake littered with a number of childs toys and a teddy bear.

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Sleeping Girl Cake

Cute cake resembling a sleeping baby girl in bed, all made from sugar and icing.

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