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Fun Christening Cake

A cool christening cake for boys or girls, modern decorations and handmade figures.

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Deluxe Girls Cake

A highly detailed and carefully decorated christening cake for a baby girl, sugar bows and flowers.

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Adult Christening Cake

A cake suitable as either a birthday or christening cake for an adult.

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Water Skiing Swan

A unique cake design with sugar flowers and a swan boat pulling tiny baby shoes across water.

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Present Cakes

Cakes made to represent baby shower gifts, made from icing and sugar.

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Baby Pram Cake

A boys christening cake shaped like a babys pram. Modern sugar decorations and blue ribbon.

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Nature Christening Cake

A beautiful christening cake decorated with sugar insects including butterflies, all hand made.

god christening church cakes blessing photo

Blue Baby Cake

A plain cake decorated with blue sugar paste writing and a baby model.

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