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Ford Sponsor Cake

Cake with the companies logo printed on top to celebrate a sponsored anniversary.

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Funny Cake for the Boss

A humorous corporate birthday cake with picture representing the companies boss.

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Detail Cake Picture

A close up of the details painted onto the keys of a cake shaped like a laptop.

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French Company Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for a French company, cake covered with orange icing with white text.

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Company's First Birthday

A cute cake for a clock or watch companies first anniversary.

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Good Luck Birthday Cake

A cake aimed at wishing a company good luck for the future.

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Corporate Celebration Cake

A plain white corporate cake with a picture of the companies logo printed on.

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Large Phone Cake

A cake shaped like a phone for a mobile telecommunications company anniversary.

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Computer Cake

Cake shaped like a computer for a laptop manufacturers company birthday.

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