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Square Designer Cake

Brilliant white designer wedding cake decorated with white sugar roses and a cream colored bow.

arty cakes artistic modern gothic photo designer

Dress Wedding Cake

A very modern concept where the cake is shaped like a dress or corset.

photo cakes artistic photos rich gothic luxury cake

Huge Designer Cake

A colossal designer cake, each tier is lined with gold ribbon and spotted with flowers.

designer cakes fantasy designer arty artistic

Short Wedding Cake

A small contemporary wedding cake dressed with pink ribbons in a cascading fashion.

cake artistic rich modern contemporary fantasy rich modern

Arabic Theme Cake

An elaborate Arabic themed wedding cake with symbolic patterns airbrushed on.

luxury designer designer photo cake

Two Tier Cake

An even shorter version of the previous cake, this time laced with purple ribbons instead.

luxury modern cake rich cake modern photos gothic

Unique Wedding Cake

A tall white wedding cake decorated with various colored sugar roses.

modern designer photo designer arty fantasy modern

Butterfly Wedding Cake

A fantastic designer wedding cake with dozens of carefully handmade sugar butterflies suspended around it.

fantasy rich artistic modern contemporary rich fantasy

Giant Wedding Cake

A huge blue wedding cake design, made from royal icing and sugar paste.

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