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Lush Rose Cake

Photo of some beautiful fresh roses for a floral wedding cake, white and red roses.

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Floral Wedding Cake Picture

Picture of a three tier white wedding cake decorated with red roses strewn about each tier.

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Large White Floral Cake

An extravagantly decorated white floral wedding cake with fantastic ivy and flowers.

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Pink Roses Cake

Professional photo of a floral cake duet featuring fresh pink roses on white cakes.

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Sugar Flower Cake

A tiny, cute cake made of plain white icing and topper with handmade sugar flowers.

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Rose Wedding Cake

A close up picture of the sugar roses that were made for a wedding cake or anniversary cake.

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Red Lilly Cake

Red lilies surround every tier of this beautiful white wedding cake.

sugar arrangement beautiful daisy

Autumn Theme Cake

Autumn themed anniversary cake with white sugar roses and brown, fallen leaf decorations.

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Floral Cake Picture

Picture of the bride and groom cutting their white floral wedding cake.

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