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In this gallery you will find many cake photos of kids birthday cakes. Some cakes may also be suitable for adults as some of these birthday cakes are themed on popular TV shows such as Scooby Doo etc. Kids birthday cakes are often based on the childs favorite animal or TV show like Dora the Explorer is a popular one to mention.

A wide variety of cake photos from many different and talented cake decorators, the kids birthday cake gallery is always being updated with the newest and coolest birthday cakes out there. Please feel free to submit your own cake photos of birthday cakes you have backed and decorated.

teen sponge baby childrens

Photo Printed Pirate Cake

A round multi tiered birthday cake with a printed on photo of the jolly roger from icing sugar.

childrens cakes girls celebration baby chocolate

Adorable Baby Cake

A cake for a babies first birthday, sugar bear and play bricks.

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Icing Sugar Cake

Cake shaped like a kids favorite cartoon show character, decorated with icing sugar.

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Sponge Bob Cake

Cake shaped like sponge bob square pants from the popular kids show.

boys photo baby sponge birthday

Mystery Team Cake

Character from the Scooby Doo show handmade from sugar and sitting on a round cake.

cakes teen carrot chocolate party

Girls Birthday Cake

Sugar cake photo of a kangeroo ontop of a plain cake for girls 3rd birthday.

teen chocolate photo kids teen celebration birthday

Dorra and Friends Cake

A cake modelled on the kids show with characters made from sugar.

girls childrens chocolate cakes boys

Bespoke Kids Birthday Cake

Cute cake featuring the birthday girl sitting ontop of a round cake decorated with sugar shapes.

photo chocolate cake birthday photos

Childrens Minicakes

A number of stacked minicakes as birthday cake favors or main cake for childrens birthday party.