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boys girls birthday

Fairytale Castle Cake

Cool birthday cake for young girls of a fairy castle made from cake.

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Designer Birthday Cake

A beautiful kid girls birthday cake shaped like a French or fantasy castle.

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Football Cake

A detailed cake photo of a football applied on top of the cake, all can be eaten.

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Boys Footy Cake

Footy themed birthday cake for boys of all ages, features a sugar icing ball on green base.

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Ipod Birthday Cake

Pink I-pod birthday cake for a girls 2nd birthday, sugar icing and musical decor.

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Deluxe Childrens Cake

An extremely detailed kids birthday cake of French design with a handmade sugar bear.

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Magic Tricks Childs Cake

Funny cake of a rabbit in a magicians hat made from cake with other accessories.

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Helicopter Cake

A mountain made from cake with a sugar model of a helicopter for a boys birthday.

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Baby Birthday Cake

Cake shaped like a babys learning toy, blocks and main cake decorated with sugar icing.