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Snow White Cake

Luxury birthday cake for a girl, snow white cake featuring all of the cast made from cake.

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Handmade Alternative Birthday Cake

A cute and very detailed birthday cake of a bear amoungst clutter.

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Bears Birthday Cake

Cute girls birthday cake shaped like ten and several handmade sugar bears.

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Pumpkin Cake

A French made kids birthday cake shaped like a pumpkin and decorated accordingly.

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Cake Photo Birthday Cake

A square birthday cake for a girl with a cake photo of Tinkerbell printed on.

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Kids Cartoon Cake

Kids birthday cake shaped like a cartoon with the colour photo applied on top.

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4th Birthday Cake

Funny kids birthday cake shaped like the number four with monkeys and bananas.

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Football Pitch Cake

Cool birthday cake for boys, cake shaped and decorated like a football field with two players.

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Luxury Girls Birthday Cake

A beautifully made birthday cake for a girl shaped like herself or a doll.