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seasonal holiday cakes christmas

Santa Clause Cake

A cute festive cake featuring santa on a green cake with sugar star decorations.

cake holiday festive cakes holiday easter

Winter Wonder Land

A cake covered in white icing and decorated to represent a winter wonderland.

easter cake easter festive photos cakes

Holly Cake

A plain white cake with sugar holly leaves added in a curved arrangement.

seasonal photos seasonal cake

Christmas Pudding Cake

Cake shaped like a christmas pudding and decorated with sugar berries.

christmas photo festive photos christmas easter

Winter Theme Cake

A black icing cake with christmas trees and village models on top.

easter holiday photo cakes holiday

Snow Cake

A christmas themed cake covered in snow (white royal icing) with small figures.

photos photo seasonal photos

Christmas Figures

A picture of four small christmas figures including Santa and a snowman.

holiday festive easter photo

Festive Christmas Cake

A white and yellow christmas cake topped with christmas holly.

holiday cake cakes christmas festive

Fantasy Festive Cake

A festive cake with pictures of angels made from sugar as decorations.

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