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Winter Cottage Cake

A house made from sweets for a holiday or festive occasion.

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Bespoke Xmas Cake

A Christmas cake made for a couple and decorated with holly.

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Rudolf Cake

A cake with Santa and Rudolf looking for directions.

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Festive Cake

A fabulous festive cake suitable for a variety of celebrations.

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Hansel & Grettle Cake

A cake made from sweets and sugar representing the house from Hansel & Grettle.

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Round Holiday Cake

A nice tasty cake to celebrate the holiday of choice.

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Northern Star Cake

A religious cake with the northern star printed on, great for harvest festival and Xmas.

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Couples Xmas Cake

A Christmas cake for a couple made by friends as a holiday gift.

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Parents Christmas Cake

A Christmas cake made by the kids for their parents, decorated with sugar paste.

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